Welcome! My name is Lisa Ahmad and this is where you can find what I am up to these days. I have been a chef since 1993, and owner of Mirchi Cafe in Fremont, Ca. since 2005. I come from an Italian American background, and my husband was born and raised in Pakistan. He immigrated to the U.S when he was 20 years old. Our story together began 20 plus years ago. This is an important part of my life because it has shaped who I have grown to become.

My conversion to Islam, frequent travels to Pakistan with my husband, California Culinary School graduation, and memories growing up in my grandparents Italian restaurant, all contributed towards my desire to open Mirchi Cafe. My restaurant is a true reflection of these experiences.

As I journey along my life, finding new things that interest me, learning more each day, I find I want to share it all! On my home page you will find a showcase of my current projects. Aside from Mirchi Cafe I am working on a site called www.foodscriptions.com. This came as a passion through getting really sick from pushing myself too much over the years and not finding health through my Western doctors. I found myself pursuing a path of natural health living. Since then I have experienced so much benefit from this way of life.

You can visit me in my kitchen through my food blog, www.behindthestoveblog.com. I hope to inspire you with recipes as well as tips and tools for you to enjoy cooking in your own kitchen.

I set up The American Halal Project this year as a forum to gather American Muslim recipes and stories. I encourage people to share their halal food experience in America on the site, www.americanhalalproject.com. My goal is to compile a book that not only chronicles my own recipes and experiences, but also features the best recipe entries and stories that document the journey of the American Muslim through food.

My Youtube Channel

Chicken Boti Video in English

Chicken Parmesan Video in Urdu


Aug 13, 2007
Mirchi Cafe occupies the back corner of a strip mall set far back from the street. It bills itself as Indo-Pak fusion cuisine. The flat screen TV was tuned to Pakistani sports and the walls are decorated with photos of the subcontinent. Most of the families around me were chowing on (halal) hamburgers, cheesesteaks, french fries, milkshakes, pizza, scampi, and pasta.
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November 15, 2007
THE F WORD Fusion Cuisine With A California Twist: Lisa Tsering tastes Fusion Indian food in Northern California, where it is evolving its own inimitable style and flavor. The trend of Indian fusion cuisine may have gotten its start a continent away on the East Coast, but leave it to some talented California chefs to discover new directions. In California, its not all haute, either. Budget diners can find Pakistani-spiced burgers and pizza and even Punjabi burritos, while those ready for a more upscale dining experience can savor lobster and pea dosas or Muscovy duck breast with dal.
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January 24, 2007
Ital-American Indo-Pakistani Fremonts Mirchi may be the East Bay ultimate hyphenated restaurant. If you can imagine some parallel universe where the Sbarro fast-food pizza chain came straight out of Punjab, you had pretty much get Mirchi. On a recent afternoon a group of women sat around a table at the Fremont restaurant, as their kids seemed mesmerized by cricket highlights flashing across the restaurants big-screen TV.
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